Re: [OM] Thanks for All of the Hard Drive Replacement Advice

Subject: Re: [OM] Thanks for All of the Hard Drive Replacement Advice
From: "C.H.Ling" <ch_photo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 00:35:24 +0800
I prefer to save money for a fast processor, I don't think SSD will give big 
improvement on productivity. It do make you feel good because it give 
instant response on many non-processor extensive applications and it will 
boot faster. For RAW conversions a fast processor is much more useful and 
for video conversions the fastest processor will still be very slow and SSD 
will not help. For CPU I recomend the 2500K or 2600K (if you do video 


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Subject: Re: [OM] Thanks for All of the Hard Drive Replacement Advice

>I have an ssd in my macbook pro and having recently ran on a non ssd
> machine for a bit the saying is true, once you install an SSD you never
> go back. its a 128GB kingston Vnow+ i.e second version, not as fast as
> some but noticeably fast compared to a hard disk. I use it for email os
> and apps and have my photo library on a second disk in the machine. Its
> now installed in my new macbook pro and I am once again happy.
> In my opinion its the single best performance upgrade after you have a
> min of 2Gb ram.  It did however fail and I needed to reinstall once but
> its been fine since and passed all tests so I assume it was a glitch.
> IanW
> On 6/16/11 9:33 AM, Jez Cunningham wrote:
>> Has anyone on the list replaced their primary (C:) drive with an SSD?
>>   (Assuming that you keep data on D:)
>> What size SSD?
>> Jez
>> On 16 June 2011 04:54, Jim Nichols<jhnichols@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
>>> I would like to thank all of those on the LUG and the Olympus List who
>>> offered me guidance and advice on replacing my 6-yr-old C-Drive.  I 
>>> would
>>> especially like to acknowledge the help of Chuck Norcutt and Frank 
>>> Filippone
>>> with critical information and insight from past experience with this 
>>> chore.
>>> My old Maxtor 80GB drive is now stored as insurance against a future
>>> failure, and it has been replaced by a brand new 500GB Seagate drive as 
>>> a
>>> cloned replacement.
>>> Everything seems to be working correctly, but I am watching for any
>>> surprises.
>>> Jim Nichols
>>> Tullahoma, TN USA

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