Re: [OM] A New Twist on ... [was A New Twist on Weddings]

Subject: Re: [OM] A New Twist on ... [was A New Twist on Weddings]
From: Chuck Norcutt <chucknorcutt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2011 19:05:34 -0500
Congratulations!  I had never realized that it wasn't already so.

Chuck Norcutt

On 11/4/2011 3:50 PM, Moose wrote:
> Well, we are back home. Got home at about midnight Tuesday. Wednesday was 
> reorientation, a month's mail, etc. and
> yesterday was a reunion gathering of family of choice.
> This thread seems like a good hint that it's time to 'fess up. I didn't tell 
> about this before because we wanted to tell
> in person the list members we were to visit last month.
> As I posted briefly before, we went to Montana for a week in late Sep. to 
> participate in the ordination ceremony of our
> friend Julia as a Unitarian Universalist minister.
> What I didn't say is that after being ordained on Sunday, Julia's first 
> official act in her new position was to marry
> Carol and I under beautiful trees, just off the Trail of the Cedars on the 
> bank of Avalanche Creek in Glacier National Park.
> In our ten+ wonderful years living together, Carol and I have occasionally 
> talked about whether we felt like we should
> be formally married. Until early this year, the answer was always on the 
> order of "No, why mess with a good thing?"
> We've both been married before, and knew all too well how easy it is with 
> marriage to unconsciously take on attitudes
> and ideas of behavior about how one, and one's spouse, 'should' be - and 
> indeed mess up a good thing.
> Things changed early this year, and we agreed that we would now rather like 
> to be married. Then the questions were
> primarily how and secondarily when. We've both had big weddings and wanted 
> nothing to do with that again. We have family
> and friends who live mostly on opposite coasts, with a few sprinkled about 
> between, and didn't want any of them to feel
> obligated to attend a far away wedding or feel left out if they couldn't.
> And really, it seemed such a personal thing that a big to do wouldn't feel 
> right. When Julia's ordination date was set,
> we asked her if she would like her first official act to be our wedding. She 
> was delighted and excited. And we eloped,
> not even telling family what we were doing.
> It was a magical experience, from the unconventional wedding dress that 
> showed up almost for free before we had even set
> up a plan, through the weather forecast of clouds and showers on our day - 
> which dawned and stayed clear and warmer than
> predicted - through the appearance of new friends to bring our wedding party 
> up to six, half ministers, and many other
> occurrences of synchronicity.
> We told local family on our brief return. Then we spent our de facto 
> honeymoon in New England telling family and friends
> as we met them along our way. Mike&  Marnie and Bob&  Joan have heard it all 
> in much more detail. :-)   And now you, the
> rest of my, as Bob calls those of us whom he has yet to meet, 'imaginary 
> friends', know about it too.
> And about wedding pictures ... I was the only photographer present, and I 
> have my life priorities straight, so I wasn't
> going to distract myself and Carol from the magic with photo stuff. The 
> setting we chose, while perfect for the
> ceremony, was appallingly bad for photography. I did set up a camera on 
> tripod with the simple IR remote release, which
> didn't seem to be working properly (probably the size of the hood on the 
> 10-22 lens and location of IR receiver ). As I
> started to think about putting the radio remote on, I was reminded of the 
> actual point, and gave it up.
> The fourth in our party, another friend who was there from the Bay Area to 
> sing in the ordination ceremony, took the
> remote and managed a couple of shots with the 60D and several with his 
> iPhone, while still managing to sing to us in his
> beautiful Irish tenor and give us a second minister's blessing. I'll be 
> posting some of those soon. In the meantime,
> imagine a moose getting married in the woods. :-)
> Happily Married Moose
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