Re: [OM] BNSF 5942 - Headed West

Subject: Re: [OM] BNSF 5942 - Headed West
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2011 09:22:04 -0600
> That's good, Ken.  The image is nice and sharp, but the caption is
blurred, to my eyes.  Is it because it's in bold, or italics, or both?

It's probably how your Apple is rendering the Bold-Italic text. I've seen
it happen a couple times before, but is extremely rare. If I had to venture
a guess, you are probably running Firefox on your Mac? Firefox does wierd
things sometimes--especially in how it handles images with a known DPI.

Thanks for the complement on the image, though.

When resizing Ektar 100 images for web display, I have to kinda game the
system a bit to keep the grain and file size under control. The
blue-channel noise in this film really is a bit, uh, off, but not generally
too evil. I usually run the image through a noise-reduction algorithm to
whack it a bit, but in this case, because of all the texture in the image,
it caused too much smearing and artifacts. So, my fallback method is to
apply a blur to the image which gives me the resulting resolution similar
to the target image size. After blurring, I resize the image. (This is
exactly how an AA filter works). Then apply a multi-pass sharpening method
to get things back to normal again. No two images are exactly the same. I
did overblur the image a touch, but that did help with image size. For
www.zone-10.com, I really don't want the JPEG files to be too large. This
one is right at the upper limit of 200KB. Any larger and page downloads for
some people become too long. With this much image detail, if I had resized
without blurring or if I had done one more sharpening pass, the file size
would have been between 300-400KB.

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