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Subject: Re: [OM] Back to Sagelight...
From: Mike Lazzari <watershed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2012 20:16:01 -0800
> There are a couple things that Sagelight seems to lack:  1) no way to
> alter (i.e., "correct") perspective, and 2) no healing brush thingie.  I
> have a couple little sensor specks on the 5D that show up in uniformly
> blue sky.  I whisk the image into PS for clean up and just sharpen while
> there because I've got Intellisharpen plugged into my copy of PS and
> just find that nothing works better for that task for me.
> Really enjoying Sagelight and it couldn't have come along at a better
> time.  Thanks to Mike L. for calling attention to it.
> Joel W.
  From the Sagelight forums: <http://www.sagelightforum.com/>

> 2. Perspective Correction. I have been partial to Martin Vicanek's 
> plugins, and have included the plugin for "Perspective 
> Transformations". This is a pretty good tool. With version 5, I will 
> be writing one that is more inline into Sagelight to better support 
> automatic functions through EXIF lens information, etc., which will 
> also allow me to put it in as an option in the RAW staging area I am 
> building to replace the Pro Quick Edit Mode.
> I hope that helps.
> Rob 
and "healing brush thingie",
> Look under Image -> Clone Brush in the menus. It's also in the Toolbox 
> (4th one down in the left column). 

> But, I also want to point out the Wire Worm Tool, depending on what 
> you're doing. If you're removing objects the Wire Worm is great as a 
> first-pass Tool, and then the Clone brush works well as a touch up 
> after that (if necessary).
> I really need to find a way to make the Wire Worm more prominent, 
> because it really does do a great job -- for those interested, here is 
> a good example:
> http://sagelightedit...fterExamples#37 
> <http://sagelighteditor.com/galleries/index.php?album=SagelightBeforeAfterExamples#37>
> where you can just press click the before after (or use the next/prev 
> buttons) to see how well it can work compared to the Clone tool.

FWIW my 30 day trial was running out so I went for the $40 special.

So far I like the fact that layers are moved to the background and the 
adjustments are made with sliders. Lets you focus on the photo rather 
than the process.

Lots of improvements promised with v5. Like HDR

> *Where Sagelight is going in the next few months*
> *Main Function Implementations*
> *1. Advanced Adaptive Noise Reduction. *
> This has already been designed and just needs to be implemented. It 
> adds on to the existing noise reduction in Sagelight. A realtime 
> version will be in the Power Box and a more advanced & aggressive 
> version in its own menu.
> *2. HDR *
> One of the main things I want for Sagelight is for it to be a creative 
> outlet as well as a very powerful editor. With HDR, Bokeh, the 
> functions I've been adding lately (the Light Blender, Color Blender, 
> DOF, Bokeh, revamped vignetting functions, etc.) I'm really looking to 
> implement very highly-advanced, professional level tools that can be 
> used easily.
> *3. Object Removal (aka "Content Aware")*
> It turns out that this isn't too difficult, and the algorithms already 
> exist -- they just need to be implemented. This will allow you to 
> select an object and Sagelight will automatically remove it and put in 
> a new background. For example, you could just circle a dead part of a 
> leaf and Sagelight will replace it seamlessy with a texture based on 
> the surrounding areas
> *4. Layer Functionality. *
> I am still reticent (and becoming more opposed) to adding a standard 
> layer structure into Sagelight. Rather, I have a design for a layer 
> structure that will allow for layers to be used by those who don't 
> really want to use or completely understand layers, but that will also 
> be useful to those who really like layers.
> As the author of Sagelight, I have to keep in mind that Sagelight was 
> written to do 95% of everything you'd want to do with a layer without 
> requiring the user to use layers. Sagelight uses layers extensively 
> internally do you don't have to -- it's quite a burden from a 
> programming perspective, because this means I need to provide a lot of 
> functionality that I wouldn't have to otherwise, but it is worth it -- 
> that's why there are controls like Saturation, vignetting, etc. in 
> many functions -- because these tend to be the things you want to do 
> with layers -- and have to with programs like photoshop -- but don't 
> have to in Sagelight because it's provided for you in kind of a 
> "reverse layer system" that ends up hiding the layer usage for you!
> *5. Batching and Scripting. *
> Well, these are very intensive things to do, but I am very much 
> looking forward to them. Look for these to appear in pieces, a few 
> things here, a few things there.
> *6. Updates on Functions that really just need to move along with the 
> times. *
> 1. Lanczos resizing. (again, thanks to Detail Man)
> 2. Better Exif handling -- it needs to be more revamped.
> 3. More RAW functionality. I am very happy with how the RAW is handled 
> now, but see things I want to do ti make it even better. Look for some 
> low-level noise reduction soon! That will be the first thing to appear.
> There's a basic outline of where Sagelight is going. If you look at 
> the last few updates, you might notice that they've all included major 
> new functions, such as the Light Blender, Color Toner, Advanced 
> Vignette Functions, Power Box, etc. -- all highly advanced. Now, my 
> intention is to add a few more of those but also concentrate on some 
> of the basic issues that really need to be taken care of, too, such as 
> the Lanczos resizing and Exif upgrade.
> With the layers... Well, I do go back and forth. In some sense, you're 
> already using 20-30 layers with Sagelight simultaneously (i.e. the 
> saturation control is a layer; the curves is a layer, the 
> Definiton/Sharpness is 1 or 2 layers, etc.). Not as explicitly 
> controllable in terms of adjustment layers you'd use in Photoshop 
> (though I don't think Photoshop has a sharpness/definition set of 
> layers, though Lightroom does have one), but also instant and out of 
> the way (more how Lightroom does it, but with more active layers). 
> What I'm looking at is to find a way to encapsulate where to use 
> explicitly-defined layers without overrunning the methodology in 
> Sagelight to do a whole lot of what you'd do with layers automatically 
> (i.e. by having 50+ simultaneous controls spread across the Quick Edit 
> Mode, Power Box, Light Blender, Curves, etc. -- all thing you'd have 
> to start layers for in Photoshop) with the things that are more 
> explicitly useful in layers, such as masking. I've already taken some 
> steps there with the new components coming out, and I am very 
> concentrated on splitting out that difference to make layers you want 
> to use explicitly more available without turning Sagelight into a 
> Photoshop clone (my main concern is that it would change the nature of 
> Sagelight because it would a) get in the way of the current set of 
> functionality and b ) hide the powerful features of Sagelight because 
> it would become a large focus for documentation posts, articles, 
> reviews, etc.), as opposed to its purpose to provide the power of 
> layers (as well as adding features not so accessible with traditional 
> layers) without being so difficult or tedious step-wise. Well, just 
> some thoughts off the top of my head, but hopefully it does show that 
> it's something I've been thinking about a lot! :)
> Rob 

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