Re: [OM] A Post About Something; Was: A Post About Nothing

Subject: Re: [OM] A Post About Something; Was: A Post About Nothing
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2012 10:15:37 -0500
One question popped up about the shutter latency on the NEX-7. There
is essentially none. In fact, it has electronic first-curtain. The
shutter curtain only closes once and that's at the end of the
exposure. The OM-D has to still do it twice.

I keep dragging my own feet. Of all the mirrorless cameras on the
market which can take adapted Zuikos, the NEX-7 really is my favorite.
It's a nice camera, the viewfinder is good and surprisingly, it feels
good. I dislike the fact it doesn't have a touch screen, but overall,
it works nicely. But, the problem I have with it is that my eyes still
see the pixels. There is a new EVF coming, probably next year, which
has a high enough resolution that it exceeds the resolving ability of
the normal human eye. (Moose, exception, of course).

Having done the crop-sensor 4/3 thing, I'm leery about buying another.
I like the 24x36mm format for the aesthetic it provides. Also, more
importantly, I'm still so in love with the look and feel of the images
from the OM Zuikos that whatever I get must take those lenses and if
it takes those lenses, I want it to be as close to the intended use.

Ken Norton
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