Re: [OM] TOP - DxO Gives OM-D High Marks

Subject: Re: [OM] TOP - DxO Gives OM-D High Marks
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2012 10:29:09 -0500
> That goes without saying.

Well, that and visiting the Gay Bar.

> Not to jump too far ahead, but your previous note seemed to imply that
> one can improve an ultimate raw conversion with some sort of
> pre-raw-conversion tweak.  We all want to know what that might be, and
> that's what I'm looking for in the verbiage below.

If I implied that, I'm sorry. Maybe I was thinking of something that
may or may not be true. Regardless, this pre-raw tweak is baked in by
the manufacturers. However, there is something else going on. There
are a few photographers that have discovered that placing
color-correction filters on the lenses will allow them to tweak the
optimization of the sensor.

> For whom or what?  For me?  For the camera?

The Tolls. (and camera).

> How do I get to affect what gets baked in?

Lens filters.

> So this is all about working to make WB settings non-destructive or less
> destructive?  Is this connected by chance to your notion of using
> daylight as the default WB setting?  Then if one wants to use AUTO in
> raw conversion, there is more color information to work with?

This is all about the manufacturers attempting to make the sensor's
native sensitivity as close to daylight balanced as possible. Some do
get this closer than others, though. In one of your favorite raw
converters, change the WB setting from No-WB to Daylight. You'll
usually see some little bit of shift. This is a result of the
manufacturer not quite getting it set exactly. Other cameras will be
pretty close to a perfect match. The WB settings that you use
in-camera for the raw file are non-destructive. It's nothing more than
a setting flag for a converter to read later on.


Ken Norton
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