[OM] A Post About Something; Was: A Post About Nothing

Subject: [OM] A Post About Something; Was: A Post About Nothing
From: usher99@xxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2012 20:18:41 -0400 (EDT)
JL writes:
>Just checked the Metz site for the OM-D and got a "module under
>development" response from their SCA module number utility! That was a
>bit of a surprise. The original OM system used the SCA 321 (I have 
>than a few of those . . . none for sale though) but the 3-pin OM went 
>the wayside with their first digitals with hot shoes. The Olympus
>digitals use the 3202 module, including the digital PEN. Must be
>something different enough about the OM-D that the current version of
>the 3202 m7, doesn't work. The NEX-7 has the proprietary Minolta hot
>shoe (non-ISO type) and takes the SCA 3302 m9 module (m8 works with
>their older flash heads). Had a SCA 3000C m1 cord stashed away for
>future use and can use it with my 60 CT-4 in TTL mode. I've got a few
>SCA 3002 series shoe mount flashes laying around and the module will

Thanks so much for the detailed answer. Metz has impressive support for 
their legacy flashes.
Quite nice they will work on the OM-D. Their new flashes seem to be 
firmware upgradable by the user
with a USB port. I have sent them my Canyon module for updating and it 
was a free service.
I so like being able to change the feet for different platforms, but 
the 54 MZ3/4 don't do TTL with modifiers
which I don't care about too much as the auto mode is so good except 
for macro. I do like using the flash  on OM and still think the Portra 
160 with the OM glass is about as good /easy/fun as I require. It is 
overall less work given the nice skin tones too.
Oh, looks like the new NEX-6 will have a standard ISO hot shoe. Never 
understood that other hot shoe choice anyway.

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