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Subject: Re: [OM] Maine Dancing Landscapes
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 17:28:18 -0500
> Ah! That's the movie I keep trying to remember to watch and always forget. 
> Thanks!

My favorite quote: "Queue the Cannon."

Having a couple of teenage daughters, I'm probably a little more tuned
into this movie than the typical middle-aged guy, but I did find it to
be quite satisfying. It is VERY well done and the story line is
strong. As it is a long movie, it takes quite a while to build the
characters. There are three distinct acts, and the director really
allowed it to build without using typical trickery to manipulate the
audience into accepting a turkey just because the special effects are
bold and loud. Character construction is excellent.

Among the nanny-state, over-protective people, there's a bunch of
criticism about the fact that the movie is a blood-and-guts movie and
there is a sense of glorifying death. I say that it's quite to the
contrary. The blood-and-guts portions are expected considering what
the topic really is and I thought those scenes were actually quite
nicely done. Glorifying death? Hardly. I think the story line shows
how life is to be valued. The language was also surprisingly clean. No
repeated strings of F-bombs. No need to. The dialog was strong enough
without it. Not "perfect" but quite good

I was in a lot of physical pain while watching it, so for it to hold
my attention the way it did does say something about it.

One thing that did bother my daughters, though, which really didn't
bug me after the first five minutes, was that the camera work was
heavy into motion. I understand why the director used this technique
and I concur. They got to see it first in a theater, though.

Just as with the "MATRIX" trilogy, North by Northwest, Grand Prix and
Twister, The Hunger Games will get purchased for our own collection.
It's that good. Well, we have most of the Jackie Chan movies too, so
my tastes are somewhat unpredictable.

Ken Norton
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