Re: [OM] Beers and dinosaurs of Utah

Subject: Re: [OM] Beers and dinosaurs of Utah
From: Chuck Norcutt <chucknorcutt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 05 May 2013 22:58:29 -0400
I got some nice photos in Utah but nothing like that.  :-)

Chuck Norcutt

On 5/5/2013 10:11 PM, usher99@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Returned a couple weeks ago from Utah though only processed a few and
> scanned one roll.
> Had not been there in many moons and many towns were dry.  A few
> microbreweries have sprung up.
> Found one brew of moderate note in my modest sample size:
> http://www.olyendomike.com/Travel/Utah-2013/29032801_4n5j6t#!i=2469695540&k=VbH7TNw&lb=1&s=L
> Poured very dark, Italian roast like;  deep,  dark, mysterious. Redish
> tones if held up to the light. Head was beige and about a fingers
> breath and left some lacing.
> Aroma is impressive with dark roasted malt,  chocolate overtones, very
> mellow.  If scored by observation and olfaction only  would be
> exceptional.
> Upon drinking, leaves an impression of being  bit too light to the
> palate for this style. Roasted malt, nuttiness, sliver of chocolate but
> overall too thin.  Still very enjoyable considering the other options.
> Mitt's favorite brew I wonder?
> The geologic formations were impressive and did get a few shots form
> horseback even if it turned icy cold and snowed on us. On the way to
> the B&B we drove through Hanksville and I had to be cajoled back into
> the car.  No one else really liked the town.
> Here are the few others I got to--perhaps just do a quick slideshow.
> http://www.olyendomike.com/Travel/Utah-2013/29032801_4n5j6t#!i=2469695540&k=VbH7TNw
> Warming up  back in New England, go figure,  Mike
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