[OM] IMG: Beer!

Subject: [OM] IMG: Beer!
From: usher99@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 23 May 2013 22:43:31 -0400 (EDT)
Aah, nice selection.  One immediate standout is from the brewers of OBD 
(Old Brown Dog) , yes , Smuttynose form Portsmouth, NH.
Must say was a bit crushed to learn Moose was moving away from American 
Brown ales, but suspect  he wouldn't turn down Moose Drool.
(It is a family business after all)

The Baltic Porter is usually included  in the top 250 and world class 
in its category.   (Polygymay Porter is OK for Utah  but not in this 
same class) Quite High EtOH--over 9%.
Pours deep, dark brown, nearly black with no pretense to have a light 
head--remains brown , nice lacing. Aroma of dark fruit, raisins, prune 
, some coffee with detectible EtOH.
Viscous mouth feel with notes of toasted malt with sweet character 
fading to coffee.  Light carbonation with overall moderate complexity, 
but not too obvious. Lingeringly aftertaste of the darker flavors.

I fear I may be  missing something with this brew commentary and  
perhaps in the image.

 Unlike Polygamy Porter, one of these is enough, Mike

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