Re: [OM] Memorial Day

Subject: Re: [OM] Memorial Day
From: Chris Barker <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 07:56:08 +0100
I accept that, Bob.  I was agreeing with the general sentiment about war.  The 
men have blown it so many times.

But also I put it to you that the leader is not really in charge: there are too 
many people in any given government for the leader to have their way.  

It's too risky to mention names from the recent past, or the present, but we 
have many (credible) intentions in election campaigns which have not been 

On 28 May 2013, at 01:07, Bob Whitmire <bwhitmire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Respectfully disagree. Strongly. Read your Civil War histories. Hell, read 
> your Greek history. Remember that stuff about coming home with shields or on 
> them? Read some British history about women and white feathers. Women are far 
> from blameless. 
> And then there's Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher.

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