[OM] (OM) OT I forget the subject used by Bob W

Subject: [OM] (OM) OT I forget the subject used by Bob W
From: "Brian Swale" <bj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 01:05:43 +1200
I'm about up to -! here with some browsers !!

I've hated MS Internet Exploder since I don't know when, mainly because it 
always seemed to be trying to control me, and I have uninstalled it as far as 
I seem to be able to.
Older versions of Opera are very fast and generally do exactly as asked, but 
can't handle the code used by some sites, such as facebook; and I am given 
to understand they pose some kind of security risk.  So I try and use them 

Mozilla seems to spend much of its time trying to second-guess my 
intentions especially when navigating around my computer directories, and 
so wastes a huge amount of my time while it makes the computer hang.
Chrome, which I use very little, seems to do something the same. I see it 
uses streaming updates, which is possibly all the near continuous uploading 
and downloading when I'm using broadband, and which slows things to a 
Sometimes in a fit of frustration I just pull the broadband plug out in the 
I break something. I think that works because I don't seem to see a repeat 
of that activity for a while. If I click "disconnect" it takes forever, and I 
suspect it is just tidying up its affairs while it thinks about disconnecting.

I have killed many of the auto-updates that I don't think are of significance, 
using Bob P's excellent program.

Bob mentioned Safari as a good ( only? ) alternative. I think I'll give that a 

Avast and Malwarebytes  reveal nothing sinister on my machine, but I'm not 
totally convinced that there is nothing sinister taking place. I wonder if my 
machine sometimes has been taken over by someone using it for other 
purposes - there is such a high packet-count going both ways - in and out.

If I switch to dialup, most of the nonsense stops. But it takes forever then to 
view your images on many of the web-sites used; there is such a large 
overhead cost in the form of clever-clogs code.

At last that's off my chest. !

Brian Swale.
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