Re: [OM] E-M1 vs E-M5II

Subject: Re: [OM] E-M1 vs E-M5II
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2016 09:54:18 -0500
> Sadly, the trend seems to be going that way.  All of this talk about how
> self-driving cars are the future, how "everybody" just wants to get from
> "Point A" to "Point B" and not have to think about it really irritates me.

Always stated by self-righteous people who are jealous of those who
have the nice cars.

> "Sport" model was not just a soccer-mom Impreza wearing jogging pants, but
> a full-on sport version with a tuned suspension and sport seats, among
> other things, like my 2001 2.5 RS had been.

I'm good with a soccer-mom Impreza wearing yoga pants or a tennis skirt, though.

> I know that there is a percentage of the populace who view cars as they do
> a toaster - it's an appliance to serve a function, and if they could get a
> toaster that would also grab the bread and butter it when it was done,
> they'd be happy.

Careful, we have a few of the "toaster" crowd here. But there are more
of us on this list who are much happier with the BMWs we ENJOY
driving. Again, the toaster crowd is usually pretty self-righteous.

There are a few of us who are facebook friends with a professional MC
in Malaysia who is a car guy. We're about the same age and have almost
identical tastes in automobiles. We chat offline about our interests
in cars (and just about every other subject under the sun) and it's so
refreshing to find someone else in this world who is as crazy as me.
It's sad that that ONE person is on the other side of the world from
me. I suppose that's part of nature's way of maintaining balance--by
keeping us on opposite sides of the world.

This is also why you'll never see me in the same room as myself at the
same time. The imbalance would be rather disturbing.

Having ridden in Joel's 2002, I have to say that there is something
strangely wonderful about that car. In this day and age, it is
downright primitive, but with a cultured crispness that tells you that
somebody got the engineering on it just right. But I can tell that the
best seat in the house is the one right behind the steering wheel.
Sadly, (wisely), he never let me enjoy that seat. And then there is
Tom Scales, who showed up to one of our Iowa get-togethers with his
AMG station wagon that has steam-roller tires and a pair of exhaust
pipes the size of my legs...

My 2004 X5 is a strange beast. It is as agile and fast as just about
any sport sedan, but has a heavy feel that wears you out. The newer
ones lightened up in controls, but then took away some of the
performance. The newest ones now have it all--feel and performance.
While I really enjoy driving it and traveling in it, I do have a
longing for a Z4 or something "tossable". I like cars that you can
throw into the corner, get all four wheels drifting a bit and steer
with the throttle. The X5 will let you throw it into the corner, but
once the wheels start to drift, the stability control nanny steps in
and takes your fun away. But when your speedometer is well north of
the triple-digit threshold, that vehicle is the most solid and stable
I've ever driven.

AG Schnozz
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