Re: [OM] OT: Aircraft Identification

Subject: Re: [OM] OT: Aircraft Identification
From: Jim Nichols <jhnichols@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2016 22:16:36 -0500
A friend of mine during my working years was a teen-age belly gunner in a B-24 crew flying over Europe. I've looked closely at that task, and find it amazingly confining, for long periods of time.

Jim Nichols
Tullahoma, TN USA

On 9/18/2016 10:10 PM, Mike Lazzari wrote:
...have a look in the cockpit (tiny) through the windscreen (tiny) :-)...
Tiny? My dad flew B-17's and when one was at a local field we went over and crawled around in it. The cockpit was tight but some of the gunners had to to be scrawny to fit in. No frills.Made a 2CV interior look plush.


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