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Subject: Re: [OM] Timing is everything - Literally
From: "Goss,Steve" <SGOSS@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 2 May 2017 23:33:40 +0000
But wouldn't the light from the touch screen fog your paper?

Steve Goss
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Subject: [OM] Timing is everything - Literally

So, like a total idiot (hey, idiots are "in-season"), I came up with a 
brilliant idea for a darkroom timer in the midst of thinking about divesting 
myself of the darkroom. It's unfortunate that the total market for this type of 
thing would be less than 500 units, so it makes no sense to do it, but it would 
be awfully slick:

Imagine with me for a 22 seconds at F4.5...

1. A digital darkroom timer that is fully programmable from both internal and 
external via apps, programs, scripts, etc. Both USB interface and WiFi built-in.

2. Built-in 7 inch touch-screen.

3. Sensor "puck" for moving around on easel to get specific readings.

4. Tiny camera mounted on lens-board that is reading and measuring the 
projected light down on the easel. The software will invert the image and 
present the picture in positive on the screen.

5. Software will use the captured image to help determine exposure and contrast 

6. Spot "editing" by tapping on a portion of the picture and adjusting exposure 
for the calculation and creating of additional burn-in sequences. The spot 
"edits" can be labeled and numbered for sequence.

7. Both the digital image and all exposure information are stored in a database 
and/or common directory file structure for reload, using EXIF data in the JPEG 
file for reloading all the commands into the enlarger.

8. Standard split-grade support

9. Paper/process calibration (curves) can be loaded into software by the user.

10. Automatic exposure offset/correction when changing enlarger height or 
adjustment in f-stop.

11. Voice command, audio playback of steps and instructions.

12. Process Timer built in and may be triggered by voice.

13. Open Source the whole thing and wash my hands of the entire affair.

AG Schnozz
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