Re: [OM] Nikon scanner service and repair

Subject: Re: [OM] Nikon scanner service and repair
From: Martin Walters <mwalters@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 2 May 2017 20:11:05 -0400
Others on the list are no doubt more familiar with Vuescan than I. What I like is that you can save the preview scan (user-set up to 4000dpi), thereby avoiding the wear and tear of a second scan (you cannot with Nikon Scan on the V, at least). The preview and the scan can be set to the same resolution and the quality of the output is the same. I've also noted that Vuescan does much, much better in cleaning up Kodachrome slides (Nikon scan on the V was essentially useless).

The ability to use a high-resolution preview scan, as well as cleaning up Kodak slides, works well for me and speeds up the scanning and processing considerably.


On 02/05/2017 7:52 PM, John Hudson wrote:
I had my Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 mechanically serviced by Nikon Canada less than a year ago. The machine was sent in by a local pro photo dealer which was also a Nikon dealer.

I use Nikon Scan in preference to Vuescan.


On 5/2/2017 8:43 PM, Martin Walters wrote:
Last Fall, my Coolscan V (LS-50) decided that it would preview but not
scan. Looking around on the web I came across recommendations for Alex
Ketzner, based in Keystone Heights, Florida. Turns out he specializes in
Nikon scanners. So, this winter I sent him my unit for service and/or
repair. Anyway, within 24 hr of receiving the unit, he reported that all
was well (under Vuescan), and it only needed cleaning/servicing (fixed
cost - US$210). Alex was easy to deal with and very helpful explaining
the advantages of using Vuescan, rather than Nikon Scan.

I was happy I still had a scanner and not a large door stop, so when I
got home I bit the bullet and bought Vuescan and all is good. When I
tried Nikon Scan, however, the serviced unit would still not scan.
Obviously, my issue was software related, not with the unit.

So, for anyone looking to service a Nikon scanner (probably mostly of
interest to those in North America), you could contact Alex Ketzner at:


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