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Subject: Re: [OM] Vert Cabaret
From: marc simon <marc.simon@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 4 May 2017 11:43:04 +0200
Hi all,

in fact, it's a musical event "Le Cabaret Vert" in Charleville-Mèzières...not far from Belgium...;)

named in tribute to a poem of Arthur Rimbaud " le poète aux semelles de vent" (poet with wind shoes or something like that)

so there could be some link with our AG...our "silver-poet always in the move"...:)





Le 3/05/2017 à 16:03, Ken Norton a écrit :
I just found out that this is an actual place in France. Vert cabaret, google 
I was also wondeding if it is named after our friend Vert, the hero feom "The 
Adventures of Vert and Toki"...
I'm trying to remember if Vert was ever in France. Probably not. It's
been to other countries around France, but not France. Of if it was in
France, it would have only been inside the airport when I changed
flights. I usually flew through other airports for international
flights (mostly flew TWA and AA at the time), so Manchester, London,
Belgium, and Frankfurt were my usual haunts. I disliked flying into
Manchester and Schiphol because of the winds. I don't ever recall ever
having hard winds at any other airport on EVERY flight I took, like
those two. Although, I think that Omaha isn't far behind in that

Speaking of the adventures...

Over the weekend, while on a search for old computer bits to
repurpose, I came across Sollie's tripod mount ring.

I almost shed a tear.


AG Schnozz

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