Re: [OM] A9 review--hoping the next model would have been OM A7R111

Subject: Re: [OM] A9 review--hoping the next model would have been OM A7R111
From: Mike Gordon via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 4 May 2017 19:23:28 -0400
Cc: usher99@xxxxxxx
> I found the shutter  in E-M1-11 a bit touchy in the store--saw that mentioned 
> in some early reviews.  I was told that might just be a 
> pre-production issue.  Do you notice any shutter issues?

Jan replies:

<<What do you mean by “touchy?”

<<I haven’t noticed any shutter issues so far. It could be simply that my style 
<<of shooting avoids the “rolling shutter”

By touchy, I mean overly sensitive.  It was very apparent to me and not 
something I liked.  I suppose , one can get accustomed to it but my OM-2 or 
even 4T are much better in that one aspect.  I then went to look at early 
reviews and at least one mentioned it, so perhaps not a pre-production issue as 
clamed by the Oly rep. 

Jeff Keller on DPrev  (not our  esteemed listee)   mentioned in the review:

"Something that affected my shooting quite a bit was the Mark II's overly 
sensitive shutter release button. This resulted in many unwanted photos and, in 
one case, my memory card became filled with 2000+ shots while using in the Pro 
Capture mode, because I was unknowingly shooting the entire time I was waiting 
for a geyser to erupt."


Robin Wong in his review (an Oly guy)  thought it was OK, but  still felt weird 
to me. 
"The camera did not feel that much larger than the E-M1 (2013), yet the 
ergonomics improved a lot. The buttons on the camera back are much larger now, 
and the "overly-sensitive" shutter button issue is now gone. The camera with 
especially the 12-100mm F4 PRO lens felt just right on hands, and I do not wish 
for any more improvements in this area."

So it is good to hear you have no issue with the shutter or have adjusted to 

I think the e-shutter  mode can clear the sensor data in 1/60 as best I 
remember so rolling shutter issues won't be marked but still an issue in some 
situations of course.  Last I read the A9 can clear the FF sensor in 1/160 but 
that has not been verified.  Just the EFCS (with MSCS)  can lead to some uneven 
exposures at fast SS and wide apertures--esp with non system lenses and can 
lead to harsher bokeh  effects.  I posted some links on this in the past.  I 
don't know if the E-M1 Mk 11 limits EFCS to certain SS--I think other Oly cams 
have done this.

I do think the speedbooster is very well done and even adjusts for the thicker 
sensor stack.  It is still only 0.71X and does not restore the full AOV for the 
OMZ lenses.   

Another curious event was the 12-100 was  really lousy at sun stars even if jaw 
dropping good IS with sync IS.  Perhaps it is the curved aperture blades.  It 
has an odd number which is favorable for sun stars but not enough for that lens 
for whatever reason. There is rarely anything near perfection it seems. 

Touchy about some ergonomics, Mike

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