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Subject: Re: [OM] Zeiss Luminar Lenses
From: Mike Gordon via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 7 May 2017 22:51:33 -0400
Cc: usher99@xxxxxxx
Enjoyed reading Moose's well organized, illustrated treatise and noted Jan's  
interesting observations.
Clearly MFT is up to the job and focus stacking would almost be essential  in 
many circumstances.  I would not totally dismiss special "rendering"
characteristics of some macro lenses (esp w/o aspheric elements) but suspect 
that would matter much less for document shots, nice though they be.
The use of a very long zoom that is close  focusing to improve working distance 
bespeaks the lack of a long FL macro lens for MFT, though the former does work 
(yes, did use Greentoe to  purchase the PL 100-400  and use it on occasion with 
the Pentax T132 achromatic CU).

IM writes:
<<You ask how the Luminars, and others will work with the E-M5. If you've been 
following AG, MikeG, me, and others, and if you surf the web, you'll find that 
some MF lenses work well with some digital backs, and come <<combinations work 

Yes, hard to predict.  MFT has a quite thick sensor stack but that should not 
matter as  much for macro.  The OMZ 80mm bellows lens seems to behave better on 
FF than a brief trial on MFT 
in a quick contest  OMZ 80  vs the 60/2.8 at 1:1  that I recall took place on 
our kitchen table during a Moose visit. The 135/4.5 does behave well on Canyon 
FF and Jan says on MFT too. (pleased that is so) 

 This was a very quick stack outside near our lavender hedge--had 45 min of 
free time from soup to nuts. 


As a bellow lens it obviously does not change FL so working distance maintained 
at the cost of more light loss.  Even Big Foot uses some FL shortening.  The Z. 
135/4.5 has a large image circle (designed to be used on the tilt-shift bellows 
that never made it on the market)  too so I can mount it on my Mirex tilt-shift 
adapter.  I can also mount it on my tilt-shift bellows with OM fittings but 
that is quite fussy.  I am told the bellows may have been re-branded after 
initial production in the secret Wyoming factory.  ;-)

Curiously Oly has enabled all 5 axis IBIS even for non-system lenses where Sony 
requires focus distance to be reported else 3 axes only stabilized. I very much 
doubt over 5 stops of IS with non system lenses as that is for lenses with sync 
IS like the 12-100--that is indeed impressive. I think by my reading Jan at 
times  conflates focus bracketing which can be done automatically on some Oly 
cams or even manually-- followed by focus stacking the images using software  
with in cam focus stacking--the latter is limited to a few lens/cam combos and 
allows 8 images only---result in jpeg output only too. Much  too restrictive 
for my tastes. Would not totally dismiss 'pod use as IS does not provide axial 
stability which might be essential nor r/o use of flash.  The new  Oly STF-8 
twin macro flash will support focus bracketing/stacking and one can pick a 
delay time to allow for flash recharge.  Trouble is, the cost is adding up 



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