Re: [OM] And then . . . No free lunch [was Sometimes, Oly is cute . . .]

Subject: Re: [OM] And then . . . No free lunch [was Sometimes, Oly is cute . . .]
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 May 2017 21:07:09 -0700
On 5/8/2017 4:48 PM, JOHN DUGGAN wrote:
BUGGER !!!I received the same e-mail from Olympus advising me of an update. i 
was just about to update the firmware when the message from you came through.  
Is it NOT possible for Olympus to provide an update without messing up the 
custom settings that have been carefully entered??

Polite answer #1 is it depends on what they are changing. Some updates don't 
reset the camera.

Polite answer #2 is that they have listened and are providing a way, going forward, to save and recall camera settings, not just to make upgrades un-painful, but to allow different sets for different purposes, I believe. This is an innovation that first showed up on the E-M1 II.

The distressing part is that, in order to solve the problem, we must deal with 
it one more time.

If my memory is not playing tricks I am sure someone posted a heads up to a 
crib sheet or chart that enabled the user to fill in their custom settings 
prior to doing an update.

I suspect it was Chuck who posted a spreadsheet for entering one's custom settings. In any case, it was for the E-M1, which Chuck had moved to. I set out to modify it for E-M5 IIs, but gave it up, as there were too many differences and I'm no expert at fancy xls file formatting.

I printed out the menu summary pages from the manual and marked it up by hand.

I thought I had bookmarked it but cannot find it anywhere ;-(>Does anyone have 
this information , it would be really useful as a checklist. I will have another 
look in the morning.

This is it, I believe. 

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