[OM] IMGs: Mesa Stadium Connector Bike Route [was: IMGs: Another New Bik

Subject: [OM] IMGs: Mesa Stadium Connector Bike Route [was: IMGs: Another New Bike Route]
From: Chris Trask <christrask@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 12 May 2017 08:02:19 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
     My curiosity about this new bike route:


got the better of me, so yesterday I drove over to the area and took a number 
of photos.  I'd been using this street route for years so as to get around the 
canal path closure where it passes through the Mesa Country Club.  The project 
begins at Center Street, following the Tempe Canal to Country Club Road:


     That portion of the project will pretty much remain unchanged, but at 
Country Club things change significantly.  First, we're getting an improved 
pedestrian operated crossing light:


which provides a safer crossing to the bidirectional street-level bike path:


the width of which is suitable for small cars, so removable steel posts are 
added to prevent vehicle usage:


     The path uses up an entire traffic lane, and even with the raised island 
is quite generous:


     The westward turn at Brown Road dies not require cyclists to stop, except 
for pedestrians:


     Brown Road bend to the south and becomes Date, and the bike path makes a 
turn to the west on to 10th Street:


     The plants used in the landscaping include specimens of the native Hairy 
Grama (Bouteloua hirsuta) perennial bunchgrass:


     The route continues westward along 10th Street through a residential area, 
joining Alma School Road after three quarters of a mile:


     The bike lane is feathered into Alma School at 9th street, with a couple 
of adjacent street corner parks:


     The path continues along Alma School, dropping off into the Salt River 
flood palin:


ending at the intersection with Bass Pro Road:


You'll never guess what's at the end of that road.

     The path crosses Alma School and then travels along a seldom used canal, 
which is still in the process of being prepared for paving:


which eventually passes along the south side of the parking lot at the Bass Pro 


as if you hadn't guessed already. 


>     We have some interesting adaptations of bike paths being installed 
>along streets over in Mesa that connects that canal path system to the 
>Riverside ballpark, spring training camp for the Chicago Cubs.  These 
>street paths were necessary as the canal passes through the Mesa Country 
>Club, which is private property, and the snotty blue bloods don't want 
>low life cyclists around.
>     I'm waiting for the street construction to be completed so that the 
>workers, equipment, and barricades will be out of the way.  This is going 
>to be a wonderful showcase for cycling/traffic separation.
>     When they're done with that, there's a mile long connection to be 
>done along a storm runoff canal.  Most of the grading and lighting 
>installation has been done, they just need to shift the equipment and 
>workers over to pave that section.  

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