[OM] Digital night photography with the E-M5

Subject: [OM] Digital night photography with the E-M5
From: bj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 14 May 2017 07:47:52 +1200


Seaton Square at
night, according to my E-M5, which did NOT like doing this, and refused
to do any more under these conditions ... 

For reasons obscure I woke
at about 5 am and looked out over our new balcony. 

There was patchy
cloud cover with the moon somewhat reluctant to show much, but overall
it was an intriguing sight. Must record it, I thought. 

Ahem. Left WB
where it was at shadow, set asa at 1000, aperture priority. 

Held M5 on
balustrade and pressed the button. ONE shot only, worked; otherwise it
would not allow me to use the viewfinder, shone a red light into the
darkness, and basically said - go back to bed brother, I refuse. 

apart from trying to find that tiny on/off switch in the dark with a
fingernail ... 

I threatened that I would load film into the OM4Ti, and
the threat was ignored. 

I guess I need to learn about manual control
at night if I am to have better success at this game. 

Still thinking
about my response to the Luminar thread 

Cheers, Brian 
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