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Subject: Re: [OM] Zeiss Luminar Lenses
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 14 May 2017 16:41:45 -0700
On 5/12/2017 9:43 AM, Jan Steinman wrote:
<<<To be fair, the Oly 60/2.8 is 120 mm AoV eq., so as long or longer than most 
FF macro lenses.

Agreed,  but the working distance is not equivalent to a 120mm lens--more like 

On 5/12/2017 3:37 PM, Mike Gordon via olympus wrote:
<<That’s what I’m really enjoying about the 135/4.5. We’re shooting Prunus
<<virginiana and Crataegus douglasii douglasii blossoms that are so far up in 
<<tree we can’t reach them… at close to 1:1!

Yes agreed, that is a nice lens and bellow lenses don't change FL as mag 
increases so working distance is maximized at cost of some light lost.  I have 
one and the excellent  autotube.
OM macro gear is still nice and was amazingly full featured.

An impressively thought out and beautifully executed system. Much of it still top notch today. The 80/4 Auto, 38/2.8, bellows, focusing rail/stage and Macrophoto Stand are particular favorites, so well designed and made that they are a delight to use.

There’s a 135/4.5 on evilBay right now for $149. Add a ~$100 Telescoping Extension 
Tube, and you’ve got your long-throw macro that will also focus at infinity, albeit 
manual-focus only, and no bells and whistles like focus bracketing/stacking.

Excellent summary of both it's strengths - and of the reasons I prefer a long zoom, AF, focus bracketing and a lot more reach.

The light through succulent petals image I just posted is an excellent example. The closest I could get was about 18' and I couldn't get an angle that was parallel to the stalk, to optimize DoF. 318 mm FL and focus bracketing got what I wanted. With 135/4.5 and tube, I can still see the shot, I can want it, but I won't get it.

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