[OM] T-8 or T-10 conversions to FC-10 flash controller, anyone?

Subject: [OM] T-8 or T-10 conversions to FC-10 flash controller, anyone?
From: Jan Steinman <Jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2017 11:03:14 -0700
Olympus America can supply me with cable/plug assemblies, and I have a source 
of trigger transformers.

The old OM-System T-Power Control only works manually on digital cameras, but 
only has two power settings that way, severely limiting the functionality of 
the OM-System T-8 and T-10 ringlights, which offer unique capabilities 
unmatched with modern digital ringlights, like a crossed polarizer for the T-10 
and huge reflectors for the T-8.

The FC-01 Flash Controller does full TTL automatic flash control with all 
Olympus digital cameras, to my knowledge, but does not do focus bracketing nor 
focus stacking on the newest ones.

The latest Olympus macro flash offering has a hard-wired, non-removable flash 
head, and I have no interest in messing with that.

If anyone is interested in converting their OM-System T-8 or T-10 ringlight to 
work with the FC-01 flash controller, contact me privately and we can work out 
the details. I’m happy doing this for list members for $25/hr. Or I can walk 
you through it, if you’re handy with soldering and such.

(If I do it “on speculation,” I’m going to set an exorbitant “only one in the 
universe” price on evilBay. :-)


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