Re: [OM] T-8 or T-10 conversions to FC-10 flash controller, anyone?

Subject: Re: [OM] T-8 or T-10 conversions to FC-10 flash controller, anyone?
From: Jan Steinman <Jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2017 09:38:14 -0700
Should be possible. Of course, it will never be a stand-alone flash again!

I doubt I can get the socket for the FC-01 cord/plug, nor the weird locking 
socket for the OM T Power Control, so it would have to be hard-wired.

You won’t have modelling lights via the flash this way, but you can still use 
them with an external power supply, same as required with the OM T Power 

I’m guessing about an hour’s labour.

I just wanna see this stuff keep getting used!


> From: Frank <wijsmuller@xxxxxxxxx>
> Sounds interesting. I like the T-8.
> A FC-01 is a bit hard to find, so I wondered if a somehow stripped fl-50
> could do the same job? It looks like it shares its electronics, and there
> are plenty around.
> 2017-05-16 20:03 GMT+02:00 Jan Steinman <Jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Olympus America can supply me with cable/plug assemblies, and I have a
>> source of trigger transformers.
>> The old OM-System T-Power Control only works manually on digital cameras,
>> but only has two power settings that way, severely limiting the
>> functionality of the OM-System T-8 and T-10 ringlights, which offer unique
>> capabilities unmatched with modern digital ringlights, like a crossed
>> polarizer for the T-10 and huge reflectors for the T-8.
>> The FC-01 Flash Controller does full TTL automatic flash control with all
>> Olympus digital cameras, to my knowledge, but does not do focus bracketing
>> nor focus stacking on the newest ones.
>> The latest Olympus macro flash offering has a hard-wired, non-removable
>> flash head, and I have no interest in messing with that.
>> If anyone is interested in converting their OM-System T-8 or T-10
>> ringlight to work with the FC-01 flash controller, contact me privately and
>> we can work out the details. I?m happy doing this for list members for
>> $25/hr. Or I can walk you through it, if you?re handy with soldering and
>> such.
>> (If I do it ?on speculation,? I?m going to set an exorbitant ?only one in
>> the universe? price on evilBay. :-)
>> Jan

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