[OM] IMG: Last group from Cesky Krumlov

Subject: [OM] IMG: Last group from Cesky Krumlov
From: Peter Klein <boulanger.croissant@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2017 14:04:47 -0700
On our second day in Cesky Krumlov, the weather was iffy, and the light was like a soft box rather than bright sun. We still managed to see the town. When it rained, we ducked into a museum devoted to the works of the early 20th century Expressionist Egon Schiele, who spent a lot of time in Cesky Krumlov. No photographs were allowed there, but I want to share something about the museum with you. The exhibit pairs several photographic views of the town with Schiele's paintings of them. What he saw contrasted with how it made him feel. A very effective way to get into the artist's head.

There was also an exhibit of the Czech artist Vera Novakova (born 1928). It drove home how even though the post-war Czech Communist regime was considered less repressive than the Soviet Union, conditions for free thinkers were still pretty bleak. For years, Novakova was prevented from finishing her art studies after WWII because she and her family were "politically unreliable." Even after getting permission to support herself with her art, she was still forbidden to exhibit.

see especially "Thus Passes the Glory of the World (Sic Transit Gloria Mundi)

On to my pictures. We climbed up the castle tower, and saw some beautiful views of the town. <https://www.flickr.com/photos/24844563@N04/35950230360/in/dateposted-public/> (Click photo to enlarge, note the blocky Soviet-style apartment buildings at the upper right, in contrast to the old town in the foreground)

Here is a young woman selling Trdelník, a cylindrical pastry rolled in cinnamon, sugar and (often) crushed walnuts:

Street scene from the old town:

The old doorway of a Pension, with  self-portrait added for good measure:

Into the light, from a very narrow alleyway:

Next stop, Prague.  Enjoy!
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