Re: [OM] Ladies Love Liatris

Subject: Re: [OM] Ladies Love Liatris
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2017 20:37:32 -0700
On 8/6/2017 7:12 PM, Mike Gordon via olympus wrote:
  Waiting Moose writes:
<<Lovely Lady!

<<After many years of trouble, we finally have the Buddleia healthy and 
blooming, but not attracting much in the way of flutterbys.

Thanks.   Our buddleia (a volunteer) just started to bloom.

How fun; yours is a volunteer and ours is the one you and Marnie gave us. Perhaps the volunteer is thanks from the Buddleia Clan. :-)

I have my eye on a low growing one--"Low and Behold."

Ours is now blossoming at about the 9-10 foot level. A lower would would be 
useful, too.

I believe that the phrase "If you plant it, they will come,"
is correct.  Wait until word gets out on the street.

[Sound of fingers tapping . . .]

Still W. Moose
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