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Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2017 18:08:12 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
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     Interesting little critter.  Costs US$85 by itself, US$130 when bundled 
with a transmitter.  I had been interested in the Canon 540 for a while, but it 
was large, heavy, and expensive.  A simple Yinyan CY-20 with a tilt head for 
less than $20 turned out to be useful, more so than an Olympus T-20.


>Some 3rd party flashes for the petite mirrorless bodies look very 
>attractive.  This guy is only a tad over 80 bucks and has built in 
>wireless transmitter and receiver--does HSS too!


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>Godox is sold as Flashpoint at Adorama--identical as far as one can tell.  
>GN is 36M despite it only holds 2 batteries. Nissin i40 which costs 3 times 
>more, and has 4 batteries, Guide is 40M.
>The cool transmitter sold separately thoughtfully also has a hot shoe.  The 
>Nissin i40 recycle time is better of course.  The Nissin system can trigger 
>cross system TTL flash with the proper receiver--very cool. Canon flash to be 
>triggered TTL for Oly--no problemo.
>It can also  change TTL to manual equivalence at a push of a button which can 
>than be  remotely adjusted as  to avoid the vagaries of repeat TTL metering.  
>The i40 at least is much more finicky to keep in HSS mode as it has to be 
>retold to do so every time the head is adjusted.
>Hard to beat the price/power/capability of the cute Godox/Flashpoint.  Reviews 
>seem good on FM.  The flashes seem much more economical than any other trigger 
>system I have seen including the newish radiopoppers. 
>I know Dr. Flash would have an opinion.
>Student of and missing Dr. Flash, Mike
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