Re: [OM] Rare Beetle (Chris Trask)

Subject: Re: [OM] Rare Beetle (Chris Trask)
From: Dean Hansen <hanse112@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2017 20:33:38 -0500
Chris T posted:
    One of our USFS forest rangers unknowingly took the first known photo
of a very rare Typocerus gloriosus beetle:


     Chris, many thanks for the post.  Some cerambycids can be quite
impressive insects--the Pine Sawyer comes to mind.  It's always a treat to
see here in Minnesota.
     It wouldn't be too hard to take first known photos of quite a few
"rare" insects.  I collected dozens of examples of one of "my" species of
small flies in a cavern in a snow field above timberline on Mt. Baker in
Washington.  The collecting site was the inspiration for the name I coined:
 nivicavernicola, for "snow cave dweller."  Still don't have a photo of the
guy, though.  Nor do I have photos for Diamesa amplexivirilia, chiobates,
or cheimatophila.  You Latin scholars can figure out what the names imply.
All but a couple of the sixty or whatever known specimens of the "rare" D.
nivicavernicola were collected by me at one site on one day.  Insect
distribution records, and  assessments of the species' "rarity," often
record the distribution and scarcity of entomologists rather than insects.
There are just too many of the darn things.  (Ahh, insects, that is.)
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