Re: [OM] IMGS: Praia da Torrero

Subject: Re: [OM] IMGS: Praia da Torrero
From: ChrisB <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2017 05:51:59 +0100
They look great, Tina.  The images are nicely free of any modern accoutrement 
that would date the scenes and I like the way they have scanned.

I was glad to rediscover that the keyboard’s cursor keys move between images.


> On 5 Oct 17, at 20:50, Tina Manley <tmanley@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I know these are technically challenged photos (putting it nicely) but they
> do have a painterly look that is not offensive to me.  I can't imagine why
> I used this Agfa film, but the colors have held up OK.  It's a way of life
> that may have disappeared, but I'd like to go back and find out!
> http://www.pbase.com/tinamanley/image/166335731 
> <http://www.pbase.com/tinamanley/image/166335731>
> and keep hitting next until the end.

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