Re: [OM] Two months in and it still rocks

Subject: Re: [OM] Two months in and it still rocks
From: John Hudson <OM4T@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2017 08:27:33 -0300
Ah the heated garages in cold winter climates! That was the happy sound from people we knew who moved to the western prairies in the 1970s and 1980s from warmer places. People in the know parked their vehicles outside and got them dirty regardless of temperatures even down as low as -40C. The body work stayed cold and mostly dry. Park a cold vehicle overnight in a warm insulated garages and the vehicle will sweat oozing moisture and rust will set in in no time and especially if the community puts salt on the roads. All the vehicle needed outside was a block heater and a two or three hours of plug in time. A diesel vehicle needed all the cylinder coil heaters to be in working order!

Fully insulated heated garages for cold snowy winters are not recommended !


On 2017-10-12 3:09 AM, Ken Norton wrote:
That looks and sounds very exciting, Ken.  Will your cars not suffer from being 
outside in the low temperatures?

They like to have a blanket to keep them warm. I'll probably have one
in the garage tomorrow night and both in this weekend. We do have a
fully insulated and heated garage.

If it is of interest, I might be up to hosting an Alaska Zuikofest. :)
  At minimum, we'll do a ZuikoB&B. Honestly, you can day trip and do
overnights from here.

AG/AK Schnozz

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