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Subject: Re: [OM] First installment from Bhutan
From: ChrisB <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2017 16:03:32 +0000
You’ve captured the people and places very nicely, Mike.  I love the 
monasteries for the solidity and beauty.


> On 4 Dec 2017, at 01:00, Mike Gordon via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> wrote:
> I finally had time to process a few from Marnie and me--not all are labelled 
> but most geotagged.  Recommend slide show with ARROW at right (not that many 
> really).  Thanks to Maestro Moose processing for saving "too late to share" 
> image, which was front focused and had some motion blur.  Techartpro 
> AFadapter with OM lenses a bit too slow on A7RII and would not do eye AF--may 
> be possible on OM A7RIII.   One can hit the "i"  for more image info and 
> click on the map to see where they were shot if desired--or not.
> To expound a bit on Moose's details I have included a link sent from one of 
> our rotating guides to us after we returned on traveling to Bhutan:
> Link from  guide Rinzin:
> http://www.alwaysbhutan.com/9-things-must-know-planning-trip-bhutan/ 
> <http://www.alwaysbhutan.com/9-things-must-know-planning-trip-bhutan/>
> One just  cant go but most use a Bhutanese outfitter at some level.  I had 
> 2/3 of an itinerary planned and they will accommodate all requests if it is 
> at all possible.  We had an extra layer of US overhead but had
> a driver and guide per car and that would not be the case otherwise.  The 
> organizer had been there over 30 times and had good contacts with even some 
> remote groups to facilitate good opportunities for nice images.   I had 
> thoughts of an astro-landscape of the Tiger's nest --- a guide with headlamp 
> would take me up early eve  if desired and hike back up at 3AM as 
> well---suppose it was not a disaster that it was not to be as it was foggy as 
> it is a bit of an effort--they would not let  me lug much myself at all and 
> insisted I bring anything I might want available--this was Jamyang with some 
> of my stuff:
> http://www.olyendomike.com/Bhutan-Bangkok-2017/i-mVxDSpz/A 
> <http://www.olyendomike.com/Bhutan-Bangkok-2017/i-mVxDSpz/A>" 
> target=_blank>http://www.olyendomike.com/Bhutan-Bangkok-2017/i-mVxDSpz 
> <http://www.olyendomike.com/Bhutan-Bangkok-2017/i-mVxDSpz>
> The Brokpa people are really quite remote and were 3 days trek from the 
> nearest road until recently--now 1.5 days. They had virtually no contact with 
>  westerners until about 2008 we were told.
> Anyway here is what I have:
> http://www.olyendomike.com/Bhutan-Bangkok-2017/ 
> <http://www.olyendomike.com/Bhutan-Bangkok-2017/>
> Comments or suggestions at alternative processing appreciated.
> Still have to pick up OM film shots from lab, Mike

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