[OM] Failing Imac was Re: OM 12-100 f4

Subject: [OM] Failing Imac was Re: OM 12-100 f4
From: SwissPace <ian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2017 06:50:54 +0100
HI John,

I have been meaning to post some moon shots taken hand held with the PL 100-400 - stabilisation is amazing.

Before getting someone to take the imac apart I would invest in a an external disk enclosure with firewire 800 (I am guessing at the imac model you have) and preferably an ssd or hybrid drive, install osx on the external disk and boot from it. and use it like that for a while, from this you will know if the disk is the issue or if its something else like memory or motherboard. If you need help on how to do that contact me off list. If it then works ok then you can get a repair place to swap the disk with the external ssd if its slowevia FW800.

One thing that apple did many years ago that was extremely clever is to make it child's play to switch hardware in case you need to get a new mac

Cheers IanW

On 06.12.17 02:00, JOHN DUGGAN wrote:
Well, interesting times !!   Having had 2 E5 mkll's lock up after i upgraded firmware I struggled to sort out menu's. 
I ended up doing a factory re-set and started again from scratch. I found  "Mastering the Olympus OM-D E-M5 
mkll" very useful inexplaining settings and options.....highly recommended.    The aim is to keep one 
body for a Panasonic Wide angle zoom and Olympus 12-40 and the other body for my 12-100 zoomI will not be buying further camera 
equipment, My left eye is ok but my right is really being affected by AMD which is a bit of a bugger !!
I am really impressed by the combined image stabilisation of body plus lens 
with the 12-100. It really makes hand holding at silly speeds possible, and 
auto focus helps.
Just loaded some shots on to my 27" Imac to check, screen froze, booted out, restarted, 
AND NOTHING. After talking issue through with Apple Tech re installed operating sytem and 
downloaded backup. Worked for an hour then same issues. The machine is 6yrs old, rarely turned 
off, and I fear my hard drive is toast.Looked at procedure for replacing hard drive and decide 
that this is one for the experts. My machine has been totally reliable from new.I hope it is 
not beyond economic repair, I could NOT face going back to a Windoze operating 
system. Regards John Duggan, Wales, UK

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