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Subject: Re: [OM] Converters Are Us
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2017 22:21:16 -0800
On 12/6/2017 6:51 PM, Ken Norton wrote:
Speaking of layers, I am curious about the new Capture 1, with its claims of
full layers functionality. Off to a fabulous singing retreat in the redwoods
this weekend, perhaps a trial version after that.
I'm always intrigued with the concept of singing redwoods...

Me too, but I only hear them on windy nights - or in my dreams . . .

The workflow management of Capture One and Lightroom are the reason to
use them. I don't care so much about the entire asset management
capability of each because I prefer to use my own directory structure
and keep things vendor independent.

Huh??? Just checking if I'm awake? LR will move in your images and save them in its way - BUT ONLY IF YOU WANT. (Don' know nuthin' 'bout C1 AM.)

Asset management is the only part of LR that I use, and I use it extensively lately. It only builds a catalog of the files in my own directory structure. I would not use an AM app that messed with that.

C1 also has the option of leaving all your image files where they are and only 
cataloging them (including a HR preview.)

That's one reason why I also stay miles away Adobe's proprietary raw format.

Confuseamoose. Are you referring to DNG, a Raw format, and/or to PSD, a processed image format? C1 does both; DxO doesn't do PSD.

HOWEVER, all the keywording is an issue.

With DxO, yes; C1 does the whole Keyword thing. One may also import LR catalogs.

. . .

My one concern with Lightroom is that Adobe seems bent on making
Lightroom "classic" EOL (end of life).

Have they given any actual indication of that? Unjustified paranoia? Tina isn't 
the only pro with a HUGE LR catalog.

But there is a pretty loud outcry on that, so we'll see how they mature out the 
new version.

I'm wondering whether the whole thing may not be an effort to gain traction in the mobile/cloud market. If they just added cloud capabilities to LR, it creates no "noise", where a new version does.

Later, they could just integrate the two image sources/storage platforms. The only difference seems so far to be where image files reside?

While there are aspects of Lightroom that I find rather stupid. OK,
EXTREMELY stupid, overall, it does nearly everything I need and then

Ah well, from here, the whole editing experience seems extremely stupid. :-)

Functionally, it lacks very little. The greatest weakness of
Lightroom is the ACR engine underneath. Honestly, I think the $10 per
month for CC (Photoshop/Lightroom) is pretty acceptable, as compared
to the normal version prices that came before.

I never could figure out what all the noise was about. If the pace of new camera introduction were much slower and/or I was committed to stick with the same, older cameras, sticking with the last non CC PS/LR might make sense - but that's not true for me

And, there have been real, significantly useful improvements in the apps that I 
use all the time.

Capture One is twice the price and doesn't include Photoshop nor 50% of the 
features that
Lightroom has.

DxO has regular paid upgrades, as do ON1, Affinity, and so on.

Adobe's pano-merge function is what keeps me very interested.

I use those quite a lot, but in PS.

. . .

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