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Subject: Re: [OM] B&W printing
From: Peter Klein <boulanger.croissant@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2017 23:30:05 -0800
Hi, Larry.  I have used Costco for one color picture so far, of the recent total eclipse. They did very well with it.  The colors were unusual, because the sky color does weird things at totality. The print matched my file nicely by eye.

I decided a while back that my inkjet color printing was never as good as what a lab could do, and much more expensive and painful. So I suspect I'll use Costco or a lab for color work from now on. Back when I set up for B&W printing, a dedicated  printer for B&W was the way to go. Now, I'm not so sure.

My screen is calibrated, but I don't do anything special for color management beyond that and using sRGB output.  No extra profile used. Should I? Do Costco's printer outputs differ significantly from straight sRGB as seen on a calibrated screen?

For at-home B&W printing, I have curves for the ink and papers that I use installed into QuadTone RIP.  I'll have to ask the folks at Aurora Village Costco if the profiles would help or not for B&W. Sometimes what works for a good color picture shows slight color casts in B&W.  I remember distinctly that the order form had a check box for "B&W," not sure if this was to turn a color file into B&W, or to specify a greyscale file.

I've got one of my R1800's nozzles unclogged and another half-unclogged. Another Windex soak is in the works, and I hope this is worth it...


> Hi Peter (fellow Seattleite),
> I've been using my Epson 3880 using ABW for quite a while and am always
> impressed with the B&W output. It's as close to my old days of silver Agfa
> output as I've seen.
> Locally, I would definitely try the Costco down on First Ave. or the one up at > Aurora Village. I'm assuming that if you use Costco, you are using the Dry > Creek printer profiles, they have very current ones for both Fuji Crystal > Archive as well as an Epson 7890 (which is news to me). I'd call them (or drop > by) and talk to them about whether they need info to mark the print as B&W.
> https://www.drycreekphoto.com/icc/Profiles/Washington_profiles.htm#WA
> I'd also be happy to print one off at my house.
> larry
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