Re: [OM] B&W printing

Subject: Re: [OM] B&W printing
From: Peter Klein <boulanger.croissant@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2017 15:46:25 -0800
Hi, Mike.  What I do in stubborn cases is to saturate the landing pads with original formula Windex (blue, with ammonia). To get full access to the pads, turn the printer on, then pull the power plug while the head assembly is moving back and forth on the left side of the printer. This allows you to move the head assembly freely.

I use a syringe or eyedropper to put about 1-1.5 ml of Windex on each pad (my printer has two).  Enough so that you see fluid sitting on top of the pads.

Then turn the printer on, then off so the heads come to rest on the pads.  Let it sit at least overnight, maybe even for 24 hours. After that, run a couple of head cleaning cycles, alternating with the nozzle check. If each nozzle check is better, keep going. But if you don't see any progress after 2 or three head cleanings, repeat the overnight Windex soak.

Sometimes you need to do the Windex soak 2-4 times. And sometimes you need to do three head cleanings in a row *without* doing a nozzle check (or anything else) in between. This ensures that you trigger the most intense cleaning cycle. You can also get a file called PURGEn.TIF on the MIS site (inksupply.com).  n should equal the number of ink cartridges in your printer. The PURGE files pull ink through the heads without as much intensity as the head cleanings, and thus wastes less ink.

I tend to alternate all the methods.

This all can take several days. Often, when you see that things are getting no better, or are getting worse, the print heads just needs to sit and soak for another day or more.  That's what is happening to me now after Windex soak #2, so I'm going to set it up for another soak and try again tomorrow.

Eventually, it usually works. At least that's what I've experienced up to now.  Hope this helps.


>  >I've got one of my R1800's nozzles unclogged and another half-unclogged. Another Windex soak is in the works, and I hope
> > this is worth it...
> > --Peter
>  Peter, Could you share your method? I have an R1900 with clogged nozzles. A little long in tooth but still produced >  beautiful prints. Tried alcohol and tried ammonia but no joy. I think that the problem was getting enough liquid on the >  heads. I used a saturated paper towel on the parking tray. Maybe a different solution? (the liquid type _and/or_ the
>  process).

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