Re: [OM] Portrait of Kina

Subject: Re: [OM] Portrait of Kina
From: Mike Gordon via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2018 15:14:52 -0500
Cc: usher99@xxxxxxx
It is a nicely composed  portrait but did need  a tweak.  The time limitation 
is a bit of a pain w/o established workflow.  

 I think Dr. Flash may have had a different opinion in this situation. 
The LED's (even high CRI) can have some odd peaks and dips in the ouput 
spectrum  vs a flash tube but with a WhiBal IT8 etc, it may be moot.
I wonder what portrait tools Maestro Moose  referenced?   Also it can be a pain 
to select hair.  I though Adobe was working on AI assisted selection for CC but 
do not know how that is going.
May switch from CS6 when the CC becomes too attractive but don't miss paying 
adobe tax.

Student of Dr. Flash but fan of Dr. No Flash, Mike

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