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Subject: Re: [OM] Portrait of Kina
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2018 16:59:30 -0800
On 1/12/2018 12:14 PM, Mike Gordon via olympus wrote:
It is a nicely composed  portrait but did need  a tweak.  The time limitation 
is a bit of a pain w/o established workflow.

Understatement is Mike today? :-)

I think Dr. Flash may have had a different opinion in this situation.

Most certainly, and I wish he were around to give it. :-(

The LED's (even high CRI) can have some odd peaks and dips in the ouput 
spectrum  vs a flash tube but with a WhiBal IT8 etc, it may be moot.

Maybe. I don't really know, in part because I use artificial light seldom. I'm also interested that no one seems to mention that flashes vary in WB, no only between brands/models, but with age.

Then, if not in a studio or other controlled situation, we happily shoot through diffusers, bits of plastic bottles or white cloths, bounce them off walls and ceilings, and so on. No, that cheap plastic diffuser than came with a flash 30 years ago hasn't changed in color with age, that ceiling is pretty white looking, and gallon plastic jugs are neutral. :-)

I doubt a cheap, high CRI LED array is better or worse in accurate WB for such casual work. (Note the last  post to TOP Tuesday, by Frank Petronio, about both consistency of flash WB and a casual switch to continuous lighting. Also most of Mike's Thursday essay.)

I wonder what portrait tools Maestro Moose  referenced?

ON1 Portrait 10. I think I used some other one in the past that was similar. Can go plastic, of course, but also can do a nice job of taking skin imperfections from what the camera sees to something more like what we notice. Can also sharpen and whiten eyes and do useful stuff to mouths/teeth. Useful to have in the toolbox.

Also it can be a pain to select hair.  I though Adobe was working on AI 
assisted selection for CC but do not know how that is going.

I don't know about AI. They have improved a lot of selection tools since CS6. The Mask and Select toolbox is pretty powerful with a one color background and/or large differences in color between subject detail, such as hair, and background. It was cake for this one. I used it on some of the dancers in masks from Bhutan where usefulness was more of a mixed bag. Tutorial here. <https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/how-to/selection-masking-space.html?playlist=/ccx/v1/collection/product/photoshop/segment/photographer/explevel/advanced/applaunch/orientation/collection.ccx.js?ref=helpx.adobe.com>

May switch from CS6 when the CC becomes too attractive but don't miss paying 
adobe tax.

I don't see where the concept is that different from the pay for major upgrades model of some others. C1 , DxO and ON1 come to mind. Sure, their average $/mo may be lower, but what they are providing is much more, for me. With the amount I use PS, the cost per minute is minuscule and the time and effort saving relative to any other I've tried is large.

Student of Dr. Flash but fan of Dr. No Flash, Mike

Thanks! I'm working on a test that I hope will interest you - if not, at least 

Selective Moose

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