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Subject: Re: [OM] WANT: Donor/Salvage Bellows
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Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2018 15:28:19 -0500
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Jan, I have an Olympus Auto bellows, from a bellows unit. Mine included the 
front and rear standards (think that is what they would be called) and the 
bellows which are good. The nylon slides are both toast. The bellows is good. 
If still looking and interested, contact me off list. Bill Barber

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Subject: [OM] WANT: Donor/Salvage Bellows

I’m looking for a “donor” bellows for a custom bellows project I’m working 
on.The foldy bits must be in good shape. The other bits can be ugly or even 
non-functional. Mounts unimportant, but extra points if they are functional OM 
parts for my junk box.Need 150mm (6”) of travel, to get my 135/4.5 to go to 
1:1. Doing tilt-shift, so wider is better than trying to tilt-shift while 
looking down a soda straw.Let me know what ‘cha got, and what ‘cha need to get 
for it.:::: As I try, without sounding like an idiot, to define the kind of 
economy best suited for sustainable farming, I think of the old monastic farm 
and then I do sound like an idiot. -- Gene Logsdon 
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