Re: [OM] I'm shooting with a Micro 4/3 Pen-F now!

Subject: Re: [OM] I'm shooting with a Micro 4/3 Pen-F now!
From: Christopher Crawford <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2018 05:39:41 -0500

I love the color I am getting from this system. I’ve had it a couple weeks
now, and I find the files are so easy to work with. They require much less
post processing than my Canon 5DmkII’s files did. I often had to do a lot
of dodging and burning on my Canon images, and my Olympus images seem to
require little or none. For both cameras, I shoot RAW and I use Lightroom
to process the RAW file and Photoshop for any dodging and burning needed.

In LR, you have choices of process styles. Adobe Default, or
Camera-specific settings like Olympus Neutral, Olympus Landscape, etc.
There were similar Canon presets, too. With my Canon, some files looked
best using the Adobe Default, and some using the Canon Default. I rarely
used the landscape or portrait setting as they distorted colors too much.
With the Olympus, most of the time I prefer the Olympus Neutral setting,
which is probably why my photos had recognizably “Olympus” colors.

I am really involve with this system. I just got a 25mm f1.8 Olympus lens
to add to it, so now I have a classic three lens kit. 34mm, 50mm, and 90mm
equivalents. With my Canon, all I had were zooms. Shooting the Pen-F with
the three fast primes is more like when I shot my OM-4T bodies and the
small collection of prime lenses I had for them. I missed that way of
working, and it feels ‘right’ to be back to it.

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>How can I put this in a way that doesn't make me sound like a fan-boy?
> Those pictures have a color/contrast to them that scream Olympus. I
>don't know if it's the sensor tech or just how the default starting
>point in Lighroom is. I suspect it's probably more the latter.
>Regardless, I see you enjoying life with the new kit.And I think that
>B&W conversion nails it.
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