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Subject: Re: [OM] 20mm f2 and Lieberkuhn Lighting [was Re: Ebay 20% off sale Mar 9]
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 13:05:40 -0700
On 3/13/2018 6:17 AM, Jan Steinman via olympus wrote:
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>

Rather than all the Lieberkuhn
illumination for lighting from below through a transparent/translucent stage...
That's' “The Olympus Way,” as shown in their glossy sales literature.

However, there’s some interesting, creative work going on over at photomicrography.net. Put 
“lieberkuhn” in the search field to see what people are cobbling together. The 
conventional wisdom is to set things up horizontally, with (in order) your camera, Lieberkuhn 
reflector, subject, light shield, then light source.

But then, they don't have an Oly Macrophoto Stand VST-1 & B Adapter & Extension Bar VST-E :-) <http://omesif.moosemystic.net/om-sif/macrophotogroup/vst-1.htm>

Here’s one example, using RMS microscope optics: 

Yup, I've already looked at those, and others elsewhere.

It’s a bit more trouble to set up and control than “The Olympus Way,” but then 
it’s available, cobbled out of stuff you probably have laying around the house.

They all look highly jury-rigged, which would be OK, but for a couple of things. For one, the Oly stand, 65-166 tube, bellows, and so on, are so, so solid, and work so precisely that, so far, with 38/2.8 and simple, continuous lighting, everything is dead quick and easy. By comparison, those other, horizontal set-ups look less than really solid.

They also are large to huge. I couldn't leave them set-up all the time, so each use would be a new adventure in Rube Goldberg land. The VST-1 with 65-116 tube and 38/2.8 mounted is sitting on a bookshelf. I can put it over on my desk, attach A7 and be making images in moments.

The fussy, and probably impossible to find, Oly parts are the Lieberkuhn reflector itself and the lighting stuff. The lighting is a lot of old ways to get illumination from below. As I suggested, the cheap 4x5" 'light tables' do all that with cool, continuous light. They may or may not be as bright, but the goal is evenness, not fast shutter speeds - and I have one I've already used for trans-illumination.

Also, being relatively cool and horizontal, one may just cut out shadow shapes and lay them on the surface. So, for at least the first round, I think all I need is a Lieberkuhn reflector. Looking at the set-ups on on photomicrography.net and elsewhere, it appears that they are easy to cobble up. I was particularly interested in one poster who said slightly crumpled Al foil worked better than smooth.

The guy making them on a 3D printer also showed a clip-on one in his tests, but doesn't show it for sale. The others he sells are designed with male threads to fit filter rings, but the Oly 20 & 38 mm have female threads for the macro lights, not filter threads, they also are far back from the FEs and Oly themselves chose to attach their reflectors up front.

Looking at the 38/2.8, it seems one might just slip a piece of white plastic or shiny Al with the right size hole over the front and hold it on with an O-ring.

Rube Moose

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