Re: [OM] Converters - The Conclusion for Now

Subject: Re: [OM] Converters - The Conclusion for Now
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2018 11:01:51 -0800
I figured that I better give an update...

A couple days ago, Adobe updated Lighroom and ACR with a new
conversion engine. While the biggest user-interface improvement is
easily the relocation of the DeHaze control, for me the biggest
improvement is in the converter. While at it, I think that Adobe made
a fix to the 2013 converter too.

Several SIGNIFICANT improvements that are instantly making their
presence known to me:

1. The dot problem with the Panasonic L1 files has been improved. It's
not totally fixed and I'm noticing other oddities--like a diagonal
mesh when the detail/sharpness sliders are cranked to maximum. It's
kinda like the aliasing you get when you do a double half-tone. But if
the dots go away, this is a massive win and the L1 has become a prime
mover for me again. That mesh pattern only appears when everything is
cranked to maximum. (which is, more often than not, my default

2. Olympus E-1 files are MUCH sharper at the pixel level. In fact, I'd
say that everything Olympus (E-1 and E-3) are significantly sharper
than before without the noise buildup. I think that the entire
algorithm for dealing with Olympus/Panasonic files has been changed.
I've not tested with my reference pictures to see if they screwed up
the highlights, but E-1 files are in another league from where they
were. Effectively, we've stepped up an entire sensor size from where
we were before.

3. The Canon Converter Profile settings are gone away. No more
selecting it as an option. It's Adobe and only Adobe converters. On
the positive note, this new version is so much better with 6D files
that it's almost scary.  It's not perfect, but my nuclear blue shadows
are still blue, but balanced better with the other colors.

Other notes:

The in-camera white-balance setting, which was usually a bit on the
cold side, is now a bit more neutral. I'm aghast at what "Daylight" is
doing, though. Not sure what the deal is, but WB is much different
than before. Daylight is far too cold, but Shade and Cloudy are not
quite as orange as before.

The new Adobe Raw Profiles (short-cuts) are actually quite nice. The
previous iterations were essentially useless. Somebody spent a lot of
quality time fixing those.

Due to unrelated issues, I've been rebuilding my catalogs. This
weekend, I rebuilt all of 2017 after the new update. It's like
Christmas all over again. I'm also experimenting with smart-previews
and an alteration of how I do my primary storage. Further work
required there. I didn't have much time to test, but I did take a look
at a couple of my problem pictures and was instantly able to get
farther than before with no effort.

AG Schnozz
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