Re: [OM] From Inches to Infinity

Subject: Re: [OM] From Inches to Infinity
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2018 11:04:34 -0800
> Great photo.
> I expected to see more snow ... has this been a low-snow year ?

Thank you. I figured you might recognize the lens.

The snow has been normal this year. But it's been almost summertime
temperatures this past week. Yesterday, the temperature got up to 50
and everybody and their mom was out on the trails! The sidewalks and
streets are ALMOST totally clear. The hiking trails were a mixture of
every possible condition. Pure, wet ice, snow, slush, puddles, mud...
It was an adventure. There were people on skis wearing shorts and
t-shirts. Gotta love Alaskans.

Oh, and mosquitoes!!!!

As far as scenery is concerned, it's getting in that ugly phase. The
awesomeness of early winter and frost covered trees has converted to a
mixture of mud and snow with ugly bareness. But, with zillions of
hours of daylight now, it won't take long before summer is here. It's
actually less wintery here than in much of the lower-48.

AG Schnozz
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