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     Interesting article.  Coyotes were first encountered by Lewis & Clark, and 
they have been a significant part of Native American and Mayan folklore.  They 
have been moving eastward as they are forced out of their historical range, and 
have been cross-breeding with various species of wolves along the way.

     They are neither dogs nor wolves, but are instead more closely related to 
the Golden Jackal of north Africa and southern Europe.  For a detailed rundown 
on coyotes, you can't do better than the book "Coyote America" by Dan Flores 
(ISBN 978-0-465-05299-8).

     Many years ago I had a dog that was a coyote half-breed.  He had the 
overall size and outline (large tail and ears, lanky legs) of a coyote and the 
pelt markings of a Golden Shepard.  Damned good outdoors dog.

>Yes, quite svelte.  Our coyotes on the other hand, are large and may be 
>wolf hybrids.
>One followed my car down the driveway and they have slept on our back 
>Watch your pet critters, Mike


When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro 
     - Hunter S. Thompson
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