Re: [OM] GAS Relief! [was Noventus--new cure for GAS]

Subject: Re: [OM] GAS Relief! [was Noventus--new cure for GAS]
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2019 14:09:53 -0700
On 8/3/2019 11:14 PM, ChrisB wrote:
Lovely, Moose!  The scenes, I mean.


But I have been tempted to get the TZ200 for a while, but have stuck for the 
moment with its predecessor, the TZ100.

What's stopping you? ;-)

I switched from a ZS40/TZ60 to a  ZS50/TZ70 mostly for auto LCD/EVF switching, although also in hopes of better IQ from the change down from 18 to 12 MP on the tiny sensor.

I get pretty decent shots from its lens but I’ll be interested to hear your 
review of the newer and longer lens.

That's tricky, in a way. The reviews aren't wild about the lens. OTOH, they say it's as good or better than the '100' up to the long end of the '100'. Of course, flat target lens tests are a long way from the kind of photos I take. About 40% of the shots I took Friday were at 360 mm eq., but the rest were a pretty good scattering across the FL range. And they are all of complex, 3D subjects.

I'm pretty happy with them. I'm not sure what that may mean to others. I'm pretty pixel level critical, but OTOH, I have and use various post processing tools that do a lot to overcome moderate lens failings.

The flutterby shot is an example. From the camera, it's not particularly impressive. Cropped about 40%, linearly, (16% of the original frame area), treated with Topaz Sharpen AI twice, once for sharpening and then for focus, Brightness, LCE, Curves, then masked FocusMagic after downsizing for the web, it's pretty darn good looking.

If you like your results from the TZ100, I think you would like them from the 

My first digital camera was a compact, the Canon S110, 1.9 MP and 2x zoom. I got some good shots from it, and still have some prints I like. Since then, I've almost always had a "take anywhere", "always have a camera with me" camera:

Canon S110
Fuji F10
Fuji F30
Canon  A710
Canon A650
Canon G11
Canon S100
Samsung WG850
Panasonic ZS40
Panasonic ZS50

I've also used various Oly E-PL and E-PM series and Panasonic GM1 & GM5 cameras 
in that role.

But for the last couple of years, I've not been happy with that function. Much as I had fun, and got good photos, with the ZS40 & 50, I've found myself not carrying the ZS50. Have I got too picky about IQ? I know its ISO failings in less than good light are a limitation. I'm hoping the ZS200 will cure me. :-)    I'll have to see how the cut from 720 mm eq. to 360 sits with me. The image files are certainly nicer, and it's better at higher ISOs . . .

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