Re: [OM] GAS Relief! [was Noventus--new cure for GAS]

Subject: Re: [OM] GAS Relief! [was Noventus--new cure for GAS]
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2019 20:27:58 -0700
On 8/6/2019 3:36 PM, Mike Gordon via olympus wrote:
<<The flutterby shot is an example. From the camera, it's not particularly 
impressive. Cropped about 40%, linearly, (16% of the original frame area), treated with 
Topaz Sharpen AI twice, once for sharpening and then for focus, Brightness, LCE, Curves, 
then <<masked FocusMagic after downsizing for the web, it's pretty darn good looking.

Flutterby did turn out very well apparently due to expert PP.  A bit of heroic 
manipulation but it did work.

Heroic? Nah, I've done those, and this was fairly minor. No fancy selection and 
masking, for example.

I am very curious what Sharpen AI does better than FM

Some things, sometimes. Really. These AI apps from Topaz can do magic, and sometimes just don't. I just worked on a test shot where FM was marginally better than Sharpen AI Sharpen. On the same image, Sharpen AI  Focus was of no use. Plus, they may be doing some fine tuning, as there have been quite a few updates.

and how you developed that work flow.

The Sharpen AI work was strictly trial and error. I have no idea if I will do the same thing again. I've go a lot of tools and am not afraid to use different ones on separate layers and choose which to use - or even which to use where. The Sharpen AI layers over did one part of a wing. Not too much, but when resharpening after downsizing, the area went nuclear, so I brushed it down in a mask.

DeNoise AI is pure magic in many cases. Yet part of how it does that is by varying the amount depending on the local level of detail. I had a file where there was fine detail right next to a part of a section with almost none. Away from the detail, the NR on the low detail area was wonderful. Right next to the detail, it was poor. I've been meaning to go back and try again, after a couple of updates. Otherwise, if this were something I was serious about developing, I'd run a second layer of NR with NeatImage and paint in onto the trouble area.

(I now vaguely recollect my GPU choked on it)

I know AI Gigapixel uses the GPU. I don't know about the others. I've been kinda hoping not, and that they would add that processing power - they're all kinda slow - zzzzzzzzzzz.

Big Foot can resolve the scales if I nail the focus but the higher resolution 
not of dramatic  utility at this display size.   Cabbage whites can have yellow 
on hind wing, BTW.

Ah! Good to know

Impressed, Mike


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