[OM] Nathan's PAD 9/8/2019: catch of the day

Subject: [OM] Nathan's PAD 9/8/2019: catch of the day
From: Nathan Wajsman <photo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2019 08:32:37 +0200
Yesterday (Friday) was one of the six vacation days I have taken during August. 
I started the day with a nice but short 40 km bike ride (away from the coast, 
it was already 37C by 10 a.m., so I did not want to be in the mountains too 
long), then went to the city to walk around Mercado Central a bit, and finally 
to El Campello harbour in late afternoon to check on the cats that live in the 
fishing part of the harbour. The cats were nowhere to be seen—I suppose they 
were hiding from heat somewhere—but instead I bumped into the daily fish 
auction. Quite uniquely, in El Campello part of the daily catch is sold to the 
general public starting at 6 p.m. The auction is a Dutch auction, with a 
starting price that is reduced in increments of 0.10 Euro (prices are per kg of 
the fish in question) until someone buys it. Each fisherman sets a minimum 
price below which no sale will occur (the fish will then be sold through the 
regular wholesale channel or simply taken home and consumed by the fisherman). 
I did not buy anything, but I did get some photos.

The fishing boats, all done with the day’s work, cleaned up, and ready for the 

The trays of fish are brought out:

Each tray is marked with the total weight (here, 1.1 kg), as well as the name 
of the boat, the zone where it was caught (in this case, all close to our 
town), and the date of catch (here, today):

Before starting the auction, the auctioneer explains the rules and entertains 
the children a bit:

And then down to business:

Touting the virtues of the sardine:

Most of the buyers were locals, although I did hear someone speaking Dutch. And 
outside in the sun, a gang of French elderly residents were playing pétanque. 
But that will the subject of another post.


Nathan Wajsman

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