[OM] More Panny ZS200 [was GAS Relief!]

Subject: [OM] More Panny ZS200 [was GAS Relief!]
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2019 15:47:26 -0700
Still playing and learning.

I've added a dozen + photos to the ZS200 gallery. 

One thing I suspected would be true, and that has turned out to be so, is long minimum focal distances at longer FLs. I've found a pretty decent solution. The two C-Us in the gallery, a pressed and antiqued wood finish and a towel, are taken using an achromatic C-U lens in front of the built-in lens.

It turns out that Lensmate, with whom I've done business before, makes a kit for mounting filters on the ZS200 lens. There's a tiny bayonet receiver that sticks to the front of the lens (with a nice tool to get it right). Adapters, also plastic and light, hold 52 mm filter thread accessories and bayonet on to the receiver. The design is low torque, to avoid straining the lens.

One advantage of over accumulation of gear is that, although I never know what I'll be looking for, there's a decent chance I'll have it. ;-)  the longer the FL, the weaker the diopter of C-U lens needed. So, for example, I use an 0.76 diopter Pentax T132 on the 100-400 and a 1.5 diopter Nikon 5T on the 12-60.

Most of my physically small and relatively light achromats are fairly strong diopters. But, there is this set of old 55 mm Minoltas. . . . and the weakest is 0.90 diopters. It's also relatively light. After taking a couple of shots holding the C-U by hand, I took a flier, and bought the Lensmate adapter.

So far, it's working fine, with no sign the slightly heavy "filter" is 
straining the adhesive.

Something DPR has been testing lately is ISO invariance. By that, they mean that results from shooting at low ISO and increasing exposure in post and from shooting at a higher ISO are essentially identical. <https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/panasonic-lumix-dmc-zs200-tz200/5>

As they put it ". . . you can (in most instances) shoot at base ISO and increase the brightness several stops while processing the Raw image, with a minimal noise penalty. By keeping the ISO low the camera captures additional highlight data instead of 'throwing it away' at higher sensitivities by amplifying the signal." Later Sony RX100 models are the same.

Remember when pulling up shadows meant lots of noise, loss of detail and weird colors? Not so much, anymore. <http://www.moosemystic.net/Gallery/tech/ZS200/Sunspots.htm>

Carol saw the pattern of "sun spots" on my shirt from my hat, and stopped me for an iPhone pic. I put the hat on her, and took my own.

Light & Dark Moose

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