Re: [OM] Zuiko manual lens options for Sony A7

Subject: Re: [OM] Zuiko manual lens options for Sony A7
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2019 13:47:06 -0700
On a Moose enabled whim I bought the Fotasy OM adapter for Sony. For $14 it was 
low risk investment. With 50/1.8 OM it appears infinity is just as Moose claims.

Also with focus peaking and focus magnifier on C1, it is easy to work with. Now 
to figure out setting IBIS focal length for best operation - somewhere in the 
menus under SteadyShot settings.


At 8/12/2019 02:28 AM, you wrote:

>On 8/11/2019 7:13 AM, Jim Nichols wrote:
>>I ran into a situation like that with one of my first adapters, where the 
>>adapter was just too thick to allow me to get to infinity.  This was a 
>>threaded adapter, and I simply polished the surface with emery paper on a 
>>flat surface until I got it right.
>The third party folks don't always get it right, although you'd think they 
>would get the basic stuff right. I bought a Beschoi Pro OM=>Sony E adapter.
>I'd been using a combo of  combo of OM=>EOS and EOS=>E, which is fine at 
>infinity. I think I wanted the OM=>EOS for something else, so I bought the 
>direct  OM=>Sony E.
>As I was intending to do some astrophotography, I wanted to be able to simple 
>focus to the stop for infinity. So I checked. All the OM lenses I tried 
>focused to infinity before the marking and stop! Compared it to the OM=>EOS 
>and EOS=>E I'd used before, it's 0.3mm shorter!
>Bought a Fotasy adapter, same length as the combo, infinity just as it should 
>be, and returned the Beschoi Pro.
>So, Brian, if you don't want to try to shorten it yourself, Fotasy is another 
>brand that works.
>On 8/11/2019 6:38 AM, Frank wrote:
>>In my experience the A7 is capable of very sharp results with all MF
>>lenses, including zooms. Actually better then ever on a dslr.
>My experience, as well, but I've not shot wider than 28 mm on the A7. MikeG 
>comments on problems with wider lenses, due to the depth of the sensor stack, 
>I think.
>>However, you cannot trust 'focus peaking', but instead you need to magnify
>>the viewfinder image to get best results. It can be set to the C1 button,
>>allowing for an easy workflow.
>I do just that for Magnify. OTOH, I've found focus peaking to work well, as 
>well. Magnify, if on a tripod, peaking, if hand held, has worked for me.
>Right Height Moose
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