Re: [OM] GX85 Clarity Slider - Frank

Subject: Re: [OM] GX85 Clarity Slider - Frank
From: Frank <wijsmuller@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2019 20:09:56 +0200
Aha. That makes sense.

On the bright side: at least you are mentally inclined to put effort in
learning something else. It will train you brain ;-).

Thanks for your reply.


Op zo 1 sep. 2019 om 19:48 schreef Philippe <photo.philippe.amard@xxxxxxxxx

> Are you asking what my point was?
> There’s a price to pay when using digital, one of its components is
> learning curves, all new, some newer than others when you change gear, some
> steeper than others when you switch brands.
> In film days, it was a matter of seconds or minutes to get used to a new
> body. It is no longer so. No regrets though.
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